Our mission at Fatelink is to create compelling content and empower others to do the same. So I wanted to write about the process of developing, financing, directing and ultimately distributing a feature film with the hopes that it empowers you, should you decide to take the plunge.

Back in 2012, I started charting the progress of what was supposed to be my feature film directorial debut, “Inside-Out, Outside-In.” But I guess “movies get made while you’re waiting to make other movies” and I ended up directing the neo-noir poetry feature “Guys Reading Poems” before I could secure financing and shoot “Inside-Out, Outside-In.”

But, after analyzing options for my second feature, I’ve decided that this film is indeed my favorite and best option. I looked at the blog stats recently and noticed that many of the articles have hundreds of hits and, so far, we’ve had more than 15,800 visitors to InsideOutTheFilm.com. Your interest in filmmaking and in my journey – warts and all – has inspired me to restart the blog as I return to the feature script I love so much.

Maybe it will reach one of you at the right moment when you need to decide whether to stop or keep going.

As for me, I’ve decided: keep going.

Your writer-director,
Hunter Lee Hughes


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Header photo by Herr Olsen with use under Creative Commons.


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