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Photo by Jason Fracaro at Soda Pop Jerks

And so it all begins…with a pot of wild green tea, a prayer (yes, on my knees and I’m not even religious) and a decision.  I could spend the next two years focused on getting co-star parts.  And hopefully, from co-star parts to guest-star parts to who knows.  I could spend the next two years going to film school or earning an M.F.A. in acting, maybe with an eye towards teaching.  I could spend the next two years trying to get re-hired in the studio system where I was a freelance story analyst for eight years.  But no, I’ve said my prayer(s) and decided on something even more ambitious and nuts.  Something that could bring on the pinnacle of my creative accomplishments or financial ruin or maybe both…

I’ve dedicated the next two years of my life to creating a micro-budget independent feature film and finding an audience that connects with the project.

It’s a weighty decision, but I know I’m not the only filmmaker-with-a-dream-and-a-pug-to-feed out there hustling. With this blog, I seek to chart my experience and – hopefully – create a successful template for others to use as a guide with their own micro-budget indies.  So please read about my adventures, my lessons, my mistakes and, with some luck, my successes along the way.  And if you have any wisdom to share or a just a great filmmaker-making-a-movie story, by all means, share it!  Just don’t deter me from my dream – it may be distant but like the go-to guy in a good rack focus, it’s coming into clear view.  See you all at the premiere (in a year or two!)…

Your excited writer-director,

Hunter Lee Hughes