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A brief word on balancing projects.  Sometimes you can’t.

For the last several weeks, I’ve been working overtime to prep my first directorial effort – a webseries called “Dumbass Filmmakers!” – for release.  We’re still not finished with the post-audio, the score, the color correction and, of course, the marketing.  It’s been more all-consuming than I anticipated.  And even though I sometimes feel a tremendous amount of guilt at not moving forward every day with the feature….wait….THAT IS RIDICULOUS.  Earth to brain….re-wire!

Sometimes, prioritizing means making a decision that you have no time for something.  Right now, during the thick of this process, I really have no time for the feature.  But that will change within a few weeks.  Just tonight, I finally got the drive delivered to our colorist, also serving as our online editor to close this thing out.  And everything I’m learning directing the webseries applies – in one way or another – to the feature.

So, while I feel terribly guilty to have skipped checking in with you these past two weeks, it was not due to laziness. And that excuse will have to do for my own inner critic as well.

And yes, here is a shameless plug of our teaser trailer for the show.  The 90-second trailer is coming in a few weeks, another project on the near-term horizon. For now, this will have to do! 🙂

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