We will do a staged reading of “Inside-Out, Outside-In” for potential investors and invited guests sometime the week of December 3rd (exact date TBD). There may be more roles forthcoming but for now, here are some of the roles we are seeking:

Jason Quinn, 27, Caucasian, part Irish, dark hair, very attractive. Struggling leading man becomes convinced by his manipulative agent to toy with the affections of a talented gay filmmaker so that he might win a lead role in a feature film, despite being straight and having serious moral/ethical reservations. Lead. Torn between living life authentically vs. “playing the game” to get ahead. Must be comfortable playing a seduction scene with a man (no nudity, no kissing).

Peter Hearndon, 50-55, prefer African-American, but open to other ethnicities. Hard-nosed, successful businessman, imposing presence. Lead. His gay sexuality may’ve caused some to discriminate against him throughout his life, but that’s only made him more motivated to conquer in the boardroom. Senses he may be losing control of his business, but fighting all the way.

Abhaya, mid 20s, male, Indian monk, playful and spiritual renegade who tries to convince a lover to take leave of a regimented life and experience all that the world has to offer. Supporting.

Angela (and company) – mid 40s, female, quirky production designer who’s confounded by the director’s confusing and conflicting directives for creating the set. Same actress will also play multiple other roles in the reading. Supporting.

Ian – male, 30s, red hair preferred, Irish background, Irish accent. Tough heavy-for-hire who doesn’t lack charm and a sense of humor. Real Irish guys preferred. Supporting.

To submit, please send your headshot/resume via mail to: Fatelink, 7083 Hollywood Blvd., 5th Floor, Hollywood, CA 90028 or email your headshot/resume to: casting@fatelink.com (reasonable size photos please). Please include the name of the role for which you’d like to be considered on the envelope or in the subject line of the email. Auditions will be held between Wednesday, November 14th and Tuesday, November 20th at our office in Hollywood.

Many thanks,

Hunter Lee Hughes

Writer-Director, “Inside-Out, Outside-In”

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