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It’s hard to beat mindmapping as a creative tool for brainstorming.  Rumor has it that no less than Steve Jobs used mindmapping to develop new Apple products.  It mimics the way our right-brain comes up with ideas and makes connections between images, thoughts and realizations.  Only, with mindmapping – unlike the actual thinking process – you walk away with a clear, concise and stimulating visual record of that activity.  And you can go back and refer to it at any time.

I use mindmapping a LOT in the process of developing my feature film script.  I mindmap scenes,  characters, ideas.  But it doesn’t end there.  I’ll mindmap a financing strategy, the benefits/drawbacks of a certain name actor or even a segment of my target audience.  It makes work super energizing and even fun (Mary Poppins would approve!).  Plus, work created in a mindmap can easily be re-tooled for other mediums, like an excel worksheet or a powerful list in Gorilla (more on the awesome-ness of this software later).

So if I had loose lips that sink ships, I’d share one of my own mindmaps with you.  But you must know by now that attempting to be mysterious is a bit of a turn-on for me.  But TRUST ME – it’s worth adding to your indie filmmaker arsenal if you’re not doing it already.  And if you are doing it already, consider expanding the number of subjects/ideas you put to a mindmap.  Generally, the only thing you have to lose is time…and it’s a good investment of that.

There are plenty of free mindmapping programs out there.  A little googling will easily show you a list with reviews, etc.  I use MindNodePro.  It costs a little money, but it allows the integration of visual images and hyperlinks into the mindmap, something important to a filmmaker, in my opinion.

Character Mindmap

Sample of a character mindmap

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